Our Mission

Dance Styles Expo was founded in 1997 on the belief that all forms of dance essentially serve one purpose, to express one's soul in an artistic manner.

Today, many dancers are segrated, classified, and unjustly grouped into different categories of dance such as; modern, hip hop, jazz, house, etc. Our goal is to unite dancers from various styles, backgrounds, ethnicites, and ages. We strive to highlight the beauty of these different forms, preserve their roots and traditions, and educate people on the history.

Additionally, we would like for dancers to cross train in new disciplines and for the audience to be open minded and appreciate other styles. This will ultimately expand the ability of the dancers and provide the opportunity for dance to evolve.

Furthemore, we will be showcasing martial arts as an effort to display the many over looked similarities of movement and degree of dedication that one must commit themselves too.

Finally, the event will feature a health fair, art gallery, and fashion show because all these elements are closely related to the world of dance and are vital to the life of any individual.

Event Founders


Richard "Speedy Legs" Fernandez

Richard has been a Professional Dancer & Choreagrapher since 1982. He has performed with National Recording acts nationwide and has been featured countless times on television, magazines, and newspapers.

He has taught master dance classes and workshops and has donated much of his life to working with children in community centers. Speedy is also a life long martial artist who was actively competing until 1989.

In 1992, Mr. Fernandez founded the first line of apparel catered exclusively to Bboys & Bgirls(Break dancers), which eventually evolved into a line representing all the elements of Hip Hop. "Hip Hop Elements"

In 1997, he collaborated with Steven Roybal to form the "Bboy Masters Pro-Am" which was the first international conference for Hip Hop Street Dancers in the US. This event was pivotal in the development and resurgence of Breaking world-wide and is considered a historical landmark. The conference was a 4 day/4 night affair held in Miami Beach, FL and featured up to 10 different dance competitions as well as; showcases, fashion shows, panels, demonstrations, after parties, concerts, and more...

Speedy Legs is considered a pioneer in his art and has been the recipient of some prestigous awards. He is often invited to work as a judge, host, and panelist at dance events.

Jonathan "DJ Trails" Fields

Jonathan has been producing, promoting, and DJ'ing special events since 1996. He has experience working on international conferences, fashion shows, concerts, clubs, dance competitions, health fairs, educational seminars, and private parties. He has also worked directly with sponsors such as Pepsi, ESPN, Fila, Redbull, Avirex, and not-for-profit organizations like: NAACP, The Dan Marino Foundation, Source Youth Foundation, etc. His events have been documented on television, newspapers, DVD's, and magazines world-wide.

As a DJ, he has enjoyed bookings in cities like: New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Miami, Montreal, Boston, St. Louis, Tel Aviv, etc. He has also played along side headline artists such as: Black Eyed Peas, Outkast, KRS-1, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Ice-T and legendary DJ's like: Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Qbert, and many more. Additionally, his original music has been licensed for broadcasting and can be found on various DVD's in International retail chains.

Furthermore, Jonathan holds a degree in Digital Media, has been studying commercial and fine art since 1997, runs his own design/marketing firm, sells his paintings and photography to private collectors, and trains mixed martial arts in his spare time.


Town of Miami Lakes

Youth Activities Task Force

Hip Hop Elements

Hip Hop Elements

Hip Hop Elements will be handling
the production for the event

Harmonik Designs

Harmonik Designs

Harmonik Designs is responsible for creating the advertising and promotional marterials for the event.

University of Mixed Martial Arts
Lost Legacy

Lost Legacy is handling the martial arts component of the event.

Art of the Soul will be coordinating the
Art Gallery & Artist Showcase



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